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Most of us begin the year with resolutions & a mindset of goals that we want to accomplish. But how many of us accomplish those goals? Most of the times the goals that we create for ourselves are really large & are not accomplished.

You want to make sure that Goals are Obtainable:

Example: I want to upload 2 videos per week on You Tube.

You want to create goals that are realistic:

Example: I want to have 8 videos for the month of ____ instead of I want to have a total of 240,000 watch time minutes for the month of _______.

By creating short term, measurable & observable goals, you are creating goals that you can accomplish within a specific time that can be measured by completing that task. In addition, you are also able to observe if you completed that short term goal or not. Finally, when you complete short term goals throughout the week, these goals will lead you to accomplish your long term goal within the month, quarter or year. 

Now, I want you to write down 3 goals that are measurable & observable. For example, posting on Instagram 3 times a week or posting a blog post once a week.  You want to have goals that are observable so if your goal is to upload 2 videos on your You Tube Channel per week, you will be able to observe if you completed this task or not.

Write down 3 short term goals that you would like to accomplish this week. Repeat for the next 4 weeks.

Write down 1 long term goal that you would like to accomplish this month. Repeat monthly.

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