About Me:

I’m a Mom, Educator, Blogger, Beauty Influencer & Beauty Branding Coach who loves to share everything she loves about the beauty industry, life & fashion. My brand, my blog & my content have literally been an amazing teaching experience that has evolved over time into being a Beauty Influencer that educates & impacts women just like you.

My Why:

I believe that the beauty industry can be empowering, life changing & a game changer for the millennial woman who wants to create her brand, business & content that converts her target audience into followers & subscribers. I never saw anyone creating beauty related content that catered to me as a thirty something year old woman & mom, especially with so many Beauty Gurus posting the same type of videos or blogs. I wanted to see something different. Can you relate? So this blog has truly embarked me on this journey, in which I share everything about being me & who I am with my #Stylistas. I want to create content that is transparent, that inspires, that educates & empowers women to be the change we want to see in the Beauty Industry.

I’m the very definition of a Beauty Influencer who has a Millennial mindset. I can relate to women & moms who love beauty & believe in the impact it can have on their lives. As an influencer, my goal is to create content that really targets women who want to be a part of my journey through beauty & also help them develop their brand to earn an income while making an impact within the Beauty Industry. I understand that there is a dire need for Influencers, who are original, inspiring & relatable to women just like you. You want someone who can share your love of beauty, life & fashion all while being the CEO of your life. I am not afraid to set the standard that “Beauty has no age or limitation.”

Beauty Empowers, Beauty Educates & Beauty Defines. So live life Beautifully.


Beauty Branding Podcast

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