Coming from the 9-5 Hustle & starting a business as an entrepreneur takes a lot of work. It’s not about having a fabulous life that lives on Social Media. It’s putting in a lot of time, energy & dedication with a passion.

I was so exhausted and tired today that I didn’t want to record my Podcast episode or do anything. I wanted to sleep. I started thinking about my business, vision & what I manifested for myself, which was success.

I don’t have time to be tired for what I manifested for myself as a brand & an entrepreneur this year. If you are feeling unmotivated then you need to dig deep & rediscover your why. Everything happens in life for a reason & because of the energy you put into things.

By doing nothing, you are getting no where- Estela Estremera

I’m just as scared as you are at failing or not succeeding but I did not want to have any regrets in my life because of fear.

It’s important to remeber that you are your number one source for motivation, success, positive energy & income you want to achieve. I didn’t believe in the law of attraction or manifesting success & becoming ready for abundance until I went through my hand accident, surgery & dealing with the obstacles in my profession that drain me physically & mentally everyday. I started listening to personal development & began to think & say “what if?” Once I began changing my mindset, I saw things changed & began attracting the people, energy & opportunities that I wanted.

I began to invest in things that will improve my brand & who I am with money I needed to create or get to make sure I can invest in myself. Once this happened, I put everything on my hard earned money & jumped into my dream without fear or thought. I didn’t let being tired or exhausted from my 9-5 hustle stop me from my vision.

I thought about my why & thought how I can be different. I thought how can I make an impact in beauty as an entrepreneur.

Yes you will fail, yes you will make mistakes, face obstacles & take time doing things over & over again in discovering your why in your business. But it’s so worth it when you discover what you love while making an income. Being scared is something that is mentally engraved in our brains & I was scared about having more responsibilites but I’m so happy I found my purpose & my path right now at this moment. So don’t let tired stop you. Don’t let fear scare you. Start changing your mindset & live out your life with no regrets in your business or brand.

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